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The Diamond Jubilee Garden, Albert Square, Manchester UK

It doesn’t matter how many times I carry out smellwalks with people, there’s always something interesting and unusual that we stumble upon. Earlier this week, Kate McLean and I led the first of our smellwalks in Manchester City Centre (further details of this and future walks to follow in later blogs), and lo and behold, along with our team of intrepid smell explorers, we stumbled upon the dismantling of ‘The Diamond Jubilee Garden’ in the heart of the city outside Manchester Town Hall. The temporary garden was developed to mark the Queen’s visit to Manchester last Friday the 23rd March, and was filled with not only colourful but highly scented flowers and sculpted bees, the latter being the symbol of Manchester. The pots of plants were relocated to Exchange Square in the city centre, from where they will go on to delight the nostrils of local children, being planted in the playground of a recently completed  primary school.

Further details of the temporary garden and the Queen’s visit to Manchester can be found by clicking


3 comments on “Every smell has a story to tell

  1. agogo22
    March 28, 2012

    Reblogged this on msamba.

    • smellandthecity
      March 28, 2012

      Thanks very much, and also for coming along on the walk, it was great to draw from your experiences of smells in Manchester, and how lucky we were to stumble upon the smell of these flowers and that of the earth whilst out in the Manchester sunshine, most unexpected outside the Town Hall!

      • agogo22
        March 30, 2012

        Very true. It proved a revelatory day for me, with the new perspective provided by an underused sense remaining with me for the rest of the day and beyond. Many thanks!

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