Smell and the City

Urban smell enthusiasts

Smell and the City Workshop: Manchester, 19th March 2012

Branding and marketing specialists discuss smell

Forty sensory experts, students, artists, urban designers and business people from across the UK gathered together at the University of Manchester on the 19th March 2012 for a half-day interdisciplinary workshop examining the role of smell in urban environmental experience, perception, mapping and branding. The event was organised with the aim of bringing people together to form a network of people with an interest in smell and the cit. It was organised by Victoria Henshaw, Chris Perkins and Dominic Medway of the University of Manchester, Gary Warnaby of Liverpool University and Kate McLean of the Edinburgh College of Art.

Copies of some of the presentations delivered at the event can be downloaded here by clicking on the name of the presenter: Victoria Henshaw, Chris Perkins, Dominic Medway, Kate McLean, Ray Lucas


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