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Student Workshop: Representing Smell in the City

This one day inter-disciplinary workshop will explore different ways of representing smells in and of the city and is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students of all levels. The session will be hosted at the Manchester School of Architecture in Manchester City Centre on Thursday 3rd May 2012 (9am – 4.30pm).

The hands-on session includes a smellwalk, briefing on how the sense of smell works, its relationship to city experience and how others have gone about representing and recreating city odours and asks students to work in teams in developing their own solutions.

Attendance at the session is free of charge and all participants will receive a £15 Amazon voucher in recognition of their attendance AND refreshments and lunch.

To register your interest on participating in this event, email by 5pm on Wednesday 25th April 2012, stating your name, the course you are studying and at which university, and outlining the reason why you would be interested in participating in the event. You will then be emailed back by the end of the week to confirm whether your registration has been accepted.

For further details of the session, please click here


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