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Sensory Architectures (January – March 2013)


Neil Bruce talking on Sound Architectures

Smell and the City has taken a broader sensory twist recently, launching a new elective module entitled ‘Sensory Architectures’ at the Manchester School of Architecture. The module, consisting of 10 two hour sessions, and running from late January through to the end of March 2013, is one of six elective modules offered to second year (undergraduate) architecture students and has been very well-received by our students.

What is more, sessions are being delivered from speakers around the world, all contacts and friends of the ‘Smell and the City’ Project, with these presentations being delivered via in-person and Skype presentations.

To date, sessions have included SOUND ARCHITECTURES (featuring Neil Bruce of Syncro:sound and the University of Salford), OLFACTORY ARCHITECTURES (featuring a presentation of my research, and that of the Smell and the City Project), EDIBLE ARCHITECTURES (including a presentation by Jayne Bradley-Ghosh of EdibleEastside and Urban Grain, and Nicola Twilley of New York’s Studio X and the edible geography blog), and THERMAL ARCHITECTURES, with contributions from Alan Lewis, a specialist in indoor thermal comfort, and Marialena Nikolopoulou, Professor of Sustainable Architecture at the Kent School of Architecture.


My Olfactory (Smell) Architectures lecture mid-session

Future presentations feature talks from Sensory Designer Kate McLean on REPRESENTING SENSORY ARCHITECTURES, Prask Sutton of 76MsMA on EXPERIENTIAL ARCHITECTURES, and Jean-Paul Thibaud of Cresson, a specialist sensory research centre at the Graduate School of Architecture, Grenoble, talking about URBAN & ARCHITECTURAL AMBIANCE.  To download a two page description of the module click here.

The students are asked as part of their studies to select a specific site in the city and to carry out weekly site evaluations relating to different sensory characteristics of site. They will draw from these evaluations in writing an essay for submission at the end of the module focussing in upon one or more of the sensory characteristics of space. I cannot wait to experience the results!

For further information, email me, Victoria Henshaw at


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