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Call for Abstracts| Designing with Smell (Design Principles & Practices Conference, Vancouver, 16-18 January 2014)






To download a PDF of this call, click here

The sense of smell has over many years been undervalued and frequently ignored by numerous key design disciplines; deemed of most relevance within the scientific realms of food and beverage development, with an artistic imaginary in the commercial perfume sector, and in relation to planting within landscape architecture. However, times are changing and with new knowledge emerging on how this illusive sense operates and increasingly sophisticated technologies and new techniques being developed, smell is being incorporated into design practices ranging from print to on-street advertising, fashion to jewellery design, experiential events to artistic installations, and in architectural and urban design.

This conference session at the Eighth International Conference on Design Principles and Practices in Vancouver, Canada in January 2014 will bring together academics and practitioners from across a range of design disciplines and include presentations on some of the different ways in which smell is being considered and incorporated into design practice. This call invites abstracts for oral presentations of 15 minutes from academics and/or practitioners who are including smell in their work in some way, and will explore some of the challenges and opportunities faced in doing so. Presentations might highlight, for example, issues experienced in making the invisible visible within design and prototype development; sourcing appropriate materials and expertise; dealing with issues and perceptions of chemical sensitivity; wrestling with consumer fears of manipulation; and, evaluating and evidencing the impact of olfactory characteristics upon consumer and public perceptions of the product, service and/or environment being designed.

To be considered for inclusion in this 90 minutes conference session, please email an abstract to Victoria Henshaw at the University of Manchester, UK at no later than 5pm (GMT) Monday 8 April 2013. Abstracts should include the following:

  • Author title, discipline and affiliation
  • Presentation main title and, if relevant, presentation subtitle
  • Short description (max 30 words) and longer description of content (150-200 words)
  • A maximum of three keywords

All of those submitting abstracts will be informed of the outcome of their submission the
following day. If successful, all presenters in the colloquium will be required to register their attendance at the conference online prior to the 11 April 2013. However, payment for the conference is not required until confirmation is received from the overall conference organising committee that the colloquium proposal has been accepted. For further details about registration click here, conference fees click here.

Following acceptance of the paper and registration in the conference, presenters are eligible to submit their papers for peer review and potential publication for one of the Design Principles and Practices collection, for more information, click here. For any enquiries regarding this Designing with Smell Colloquium, please contact Victoria Henshaw To find out more about the conference:


6 comments on “Call for Abstracts| Designing with Smell (Design Principles & Practices Conference, Vancouver, 16-18 January 2014)

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  2. ParfumsIsabelle
    April 1, 2013

    Hello Victoria,

    Would the Design of an online interactive Art of Perfumery course fall under this Conference. If it is, I would like to register as a virtual participant under my online Perfumery Art School:

    If you remember, we were in contact last December re. the York fragrance project.

    Kind regards


  3. smellandthecity
    April 1, 2013

    Hi Isabelle,

    I do remember, lovely to hear from you again. This does sound fascinating and you certainly will have been required to wrestle with some of the issues we are examining in developing your on-line course. I have also received an additional enquiry regarding virtual participation. It is not something I had originally considered as the way I believe the conference is organised requires all proposed colloquia to include a minimum of five registered in-person speakers, in order to be accepted (although I will check this with the organisers). Virtual presenters are unable to participate directly in the session although can upload presentations to a specific channel on YouTube and submit a related paper for review (see details here:

    That said, if we receive a sufficient number of high quality proposals for in-person speakers in the session, then we could perhaps consider pulling together a special issue of a journal, in which case, your virtual paper could potentially be included in that as a virtual participant…

    Leave it with me, I will contact the organisers for clarification and come back to you.

    Kind regards


  4. Paul K Holmes
    April 3, 2013

    Dear Victoria….this was passed on to me via Isabelle … I am the Vice Chairman / CEO of the World of Creezy / International Perfume Foundation / Brussels – however by chance I am from Vancouver and in town for a few short weeks. I – we are interested in learning more about this conference…:) my private e-mail pkh@worldofcreezy.or or – thank you and cheers
    Paul K Holmes

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