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Useful Links

An excellent, comprehensive source of information from across the globe relating to sensory perception including details of sensory events, scholars, publications and journals. Well worth checking out:

For those of you interested in sound studies, visit the Sound Around You Project (where you can upload your own sounscape recordings as well as listen to those recorded and uploaded by others), the Positive Soundscapes Project, Sound Tourism  and research into the worst sound in the world.

2 comments on “Useful Links

  1. Daniel Gade
    June 12, 2014

    The book entitled Urban Smellscapes: Understanding and Designing City Smell Environments by Victoria Henshaw attributes the word ‘smellscape’ to D. Porteous
    in an article he wrote in 1990. That is incorrect. In an article I wrote in 1984 entitled
    Redolence and land use on Nosy Be, Madagascar,” Journal of Cultural Geography,
    Vol, 4, No. 2, pp. 29-40, I used that term and defined it.

  2. smellandthecity
    June 13, 2014

    Dear Daniel, Thank you so much for your message and for correcting this error. I will be sure to track down your paper and to use your reference in future publications. I will also plan to post something on this blog over the summer to accredit the term to you once I have had chance to go through your paper.
    Thanks again, and if I have any questions on your work, would you be happy for me to email you? Best, Victoria

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